Ally sent me an instant message in the early morning to inform me that there will be a private Mid-Autumn Festival Party in West Village this Saturday.  The number of the guests attending this party is rather small.  Only twelve people will be there, the host and myself included.

I always appreciate Ally’s great effort to drag me to some places to have fun with people.  She is really patient with me, who is not that much socialized in the city.  I am definitely not a gregarious person, yet I do enjoy spending time sitting on a bench in Central Park watching people passing by.

I have had some great time with Ally since she came here from San Francisco last summer.  I look forward to her private party.

The assignment form Ally, the lovely host—

•    Bring some “Chinese mooncakes" for 12 people
•    Prepare for soft drinks that go well with the hot pot and mooncakes



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